TOWARDS A NEW COLLECTIVITY is a partnership with theater maker Kaneza Schaal and The Performing Garage. This partnership, with two-year lead support from the Jerome Foundation, is designed to support a new generation of independent artists to explore their practices and create community outside an institutional paradigm.

“One thing more true of theater than any other art form is we cannot do it alone. We create from collectivity and give unto collectivity. In addition to creating pieces, investing in the collectivities through which I practice theater is an essential part of my practice. This venture with The Performing Garage is an investment in the ecosystems of thought, generosity, and care, through which I make art.”
-Kaneza Schaal

Ian Askew explores Black Punk in their project SLAMDANCE.
Clarissa Ligon known to many as a stage manager, invests in her generative practice as a burlesque dancer and director with FORTUITY.
Kenita Miller Hicks is a venerated Broadway actress, invests in her new self-generated original work based on the life of Eartha Kitt.
Kamal Nassif’s installation ALA EADHA, based on Hamman salon culture is a place of restorative care centering queer Arab youth.
Cheyanne Williams expands her transdisciplinary theater practice working between each project and merging her work as a designer and technical director.

Kiara Benn is a choreographer and dancer. Just for (you), a new movement piece explores the dancer/mover’s independent experience.
Itohan Edoloyi is a Lighting designer whose installation explores the balance between what is tangible and visceral using various lighting equipment, art films, photography, and poetic mantras hidden throughout the architecture.
Artist James Gibbel hosted Garment Repair Summer 2k22, a pop-up collaboration with other fiber artists, fabric recycling organizations, and zero-waste-based designers.
Sifiso Mabena’s [sunflower] is a multidisciplinary performance following a Zimbabwean woman’s quest to “make herself at home” after decades of being an immigrant.
Songwriter and sound designer Camila Ortiz’s collection of songs touching the stove coil explores containment and overflow in our home environments and selves.

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